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The Vicious Cycle


I can see him riding up in the distance.  He is everyone’s relative and comes uninvited and unannounced every year.  I’m afraid there is no way to stop him.  Every day I build and paint, take care of kids, exercise, shower, brush teeth and go to bed.  Then I do it all over again.  THIS IS HIS NAME.  “THE VICIOUS CYCLE” Some of us, (you know who you are) are juggling so many things that some of these balls are going to fall.  To go even deeper…Are there some hereditary traits that you love, or maybe that you would like to erase?  Can anyone stop “The Vicious Cycle?”   This mischievous character was quite tricky to assemble as his juggling balls are placed in the direction of a cycle.  He is created out of so many things you wouldn’t believe – some of the things include a hoola hoop, a vintage puppet, an Uncle Sam, a Solar System etc.

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