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Marc Chagall in I Am The Goat


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The more I studied his style, symbolism, and biography the more this piece evolved. I was shocked at how it relates to our world today. Chagall didn’t like the way the Russians treated goats. He portrays himself part goat in his last self-portrait where they are both touching the pallete (see in the comments). Then I read he was Jewish, and it was during the holocaust. I fell in love with his surrealistic style, life, color, romance, and love for his homeland as seen in his work. “Marc Chagall in I am the Goat” hangs on the wall in two separate parts (His face and hat as one part and his body the other part.) His face is wood and divided at different depths with hair of foam. His hat is surrounded with handmade resin and vintage objects that were selected from what Chagall used as symbolism in many of his paintings. He has a large articulated wooden hand which carries his beloved goat.

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